“There are three classes of people. Those who see. Those who see what they are shown. Those who do not see.”
Leonardo Da Vinci

In 2007 a handwritten book was found in an abandoned building in France, claiming to be the work of Nostradamus. In it, Nostradamus blasts his critics and defends his prophecies, revealing how he achieved them and what lies in store for humanity, by reluctantly telling the world the truth about mankind, and most disturbingly, God.

For a group of Renaissance and Philosophy students at NYCU in New York, this is the proof they have been waiting for. Convinced that their very own professor and growing political celebrity Ethan Mayer is a top ranking member of the Illuminati, they develop a series of plans to reveal Ethan Mayer for who he really is – to uncover the Illuminati and stop its imminent world takeover dead in its tracks.

But then there are the murders – two single, beautiful women, both inextricably linked to Mayer, both mutilated with chilling ancient symbols carved into their faces. The killer has been dubbed ‘Horus’ by the media, who have focused their attention on the sinister hieroglyphic – The Eye of Horus – that is engraved around the victims’ eyes.

Can Josh, Nat, Luke and Frankie convince the police that their seemingly innocent professor is the killer, before they are his next victims?

Meanwhile, New York Homicide Detective William Marx is struggling to solve a multiple prostitute murder whilst trying to protect his own skin. With the surprise arrival of a new colleague and the sudden increase of drugs and weapons trafficking in the city, Marx is finding it hard to know who he can trust, and where to turn to next. And now there are these brutal killings. The evidence, though circumstantial, is strong, and points directly to Mayer, but why can’t Marx pin him down?

Are the students right? Is Ethan Mayer presiding over the most feared secret organisation in the world?

And what does all this have to do with Leonardo Da Vinci?

After all this time, the truth is seeping out.

Nothing is what it seems, and when the time is right, nothing will ever be the same again.

Polite Notice: This novel does contain material that may offend some people.